These instructions are for a fresh install. 
  1. Turn on the system.
  2. Insert the DVD Disk/USB Stick.
  3. Turn off the system.
  4. Turn on the system whilst simultaneously tapping the systems boot key which is most commonly ESC.
  5. This will load up the boot menu. Select the DVD drive/USB Stick and press enter. (If installing using our USB Stick - it may show up under the name VendorCo)
  6. The windows boot sequence should come up. Wait for it to go to the install menu. This may take a while
  7. Input the keyboard layout, language and time format. Then click next.
  8. Click Install Now.
  9. Choose Windows edition. (e.g. professional)
  10. Accept the license terms.
  11. Choose custom install (Advanced)
  12. Delete all partitions. This will leave behind a partition titled unallocated space.
  13. Choose this partition & click next.
  14. Wait for the install to complete.
  15. Windows will reboot.
  16. Enter a username and computer name
  17. Enter a password
  18. Enter the provided product key
  19. Choose recommended settings
  20. Choose time & date.
  21. Choose network type.
  22. The installation is complete. 

Microsoft do not provide the installation files for Windows 7 anymore. If you have purchased a product key card - you will have to find the install files yourself and create a bootable DVD Disc/USB stick. We are unable to provide them to you.